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Trademark Factory CEO and Entrepreneur Advocates podcast host Andrei Mincov has been an attorney for 20+ years. He has been in Copywrite law, Trademarks and Intellectual Property. Andrei has one of only a few solutions on the planet that provide predictable, guaranteed results for a predictable, guaranteed budget.

Andrei has helped thousands of clients ranging from individuals and small startups to multi-billion-dollar corporations like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Dreamworks, to celebrities like J.K. Rowling and Michael Gerber. He has shared stages with Robert Kiyosaki, Lisa Sasovich, Kevin Harrington, & Dan Lok Just to name a few!

Andrei has authored 7 books on the topic of intellectual property and prides himself on sharing all the things he wished he had known when he started his business Trademark Factory. He wants to help others learn how important protecting your intellectual property is and how doing so will drive business growth in ways you never thought.

Our podcast shares information from entrepreneurs and other businesses who reveal the processes and items that they did or did not protect and how that affected there business.
Andrei has a mission to save business owners from getting screwed by intellectual property thieves, copycats, and unscrupulous attorneys who treat brand owners like ATMs.

➡️ Our audiences are not newbies. They're experienced business leaders ready protect their business. While talking about how and why trademarking strategies are used by successful brands to corner the market.

Yes. We are looking for podcast guests, and we want to share your story.

Please watch this quick video first:

Entrepreneur Advocate Host,

Andrei Mincov

Guest requirements:

  • B2B2B Entrepreneurs in any industry

  • Must earn $250K+ in revenue annually

  • Have an active and devoted audience of followers

  • Have a brand, product, or service that is valuable to you and your audience.

  • Be located in The US, Canada, Dubai, UK, or Australia

  • Apply below to be a guest on the podcast.

If your application is accepted:

  • I will share some vital tips (via video) to help you connect with our audience, gain some great exposure, share the questions I'll ask, and hopefully encourage some great connections and customers from our audience.

  • Enjoy the scheduled interview with me via Zoom video.

  • Assistants & PR Agencies: Please supply the GUEST'S contact information for scheduling/confirmation purposes.

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Some final tech tips...


We'll be recording on Zoom VIDEO. We will likely grab a couple 30-60 second video snippets of our chat to promote you to our audience. Try to be well-lit so we can see your smiling face!

Download Zoom (free) here:


Please have a quality microphone ready to go prior to our interview. Gaming headsets and internal laptop microphones are usually very poor quality and will require rescheduling our interview.

3 good options:


Blue Yeti

Blue Snowball

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